BJD Creations – How this all began

I saw a handmade necklace that I loved and thought, “I can make that.” So, I did. A cottage industry was born!

I am a child of the 1960’s, born in the “Age of Aquarius”. I was lucky to be born to parents who encouraged thinking outside the box decades before it was a common concept. My neighborhood girlfriends and I spent hours and summers making groovy doll clothes from scraps of fabric and funky buttons from my mom’s sewing closet. We made mid-century mod furniture for our Barbies using matchboxes and the like, covering them with pictures cut from magazines. We used ice cream sundae dishes for their fancy bathtubs. Store-bought items just weren’t enough for us! We made our own and put our own special, unique touch on them. My mom never fussed when I made a mess while creating. She knew and imparted to me that you have to create from chaos, you have to get your hands dirty to plant seeds. I’m still influenced by those beliefs today. I like to make jewelry no one else on earth has or has ever seen.

I always tended to see other uses for objects than what they were originally meant to be. My “Hearts and Hardware” is an example of that. There is no reason NOT to wear a clock key or a lock hasp on a chain around your neck!

One objective I hold fast to is to never mass produce my jewelry. No two pieces will ever be identical. I use antique parts and pieces whenever I can find them. I’ve shopped and dug through junk stores hoping I wouldn’t get snake bitten. Many places where I find the best treasures to use in my creations come from haunts that probably are only held upright by the sheer volume of junk within the walls. To find diamonds takes a lot of mining.

Once piece I bought today belonged to the seller’s mother. The seller was in his mid-eighties so the piece is well over 100 years old. You just can’t buy jewelry like that in a mall.

I’m still a kid at heart, still the “flower child” who likes to create. I was never happier as a child than when my dad would let me prowl in his workshop, look in all his toolboxes and his bins with nuts, bolts and screws. I’d dream of what I could make out the parts.

I love shiny baubles and unique pieces. I love jewelry with a history, a story. My “Key Pieces” line are some of my favorites. Just think where all those keys have traveled in pockets and purses! Think of all the doors they’ve opened and locked around the world. Think about the fancy rooms those chandelier prisms have graced. Oh, the stories they could tell…..

Enjoy looking at my creations! My stories and meanderings will be updated often, so come back soon and read more and shop to your heart’s content.

Thank you,
Beth J. Dickerson