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August 2015

What inspires me…?

Colors, sounds, laughter, people, smells, memories, so many hundreds of things! It would be easier to list what does not inspire me.

There is music, art, creation and inspiration in every breath we inhale and exhale, in every moment, in every occurrence of our lives. You just have to be aware and alert to what brings you joy, happiness and fulfillment and seek those things, those people, and those places.

I notice objects, small pieces of the “big picture” instead of the whole picture. Whenever I look at objects, I try to imagine what else they could be, how they could be reinvented, repurposed. Isn’t that what life really means? The footprint we leave on the early when we depart is all important. We need to look for ways to reinvent and repurpose ourselves, our talents, and our influence in order to leave a happy footprint that walks on toward the light long after we’re gone.

May 12, 2015

Always be open to receive ideas and inspiration!

I was shopping for a lipstick at a chain store last week. I happened to be wearing a necklace with a large bronze dragonfly - similar to the one pictured here.

It had been a long work day, very busy as is the norm in my office. My only thoughts while waiting my turn in line to pay for my lipstick were getting my tight shoes off as soon as I walked in my home. I'd had them on 14 hours at this point.

When it was finally my turn to pay for my purchase, the sales assistant gasped and asked me where I bought my necklace. I told her I didn't buy it. I made it. She asked if I'd make her one with light colored beads on the chain, a pink stone and the large dragonfly. Tears welled up in her eyes. I noticed she was wearing a small dragonfly necklace and commented on it. She said her sister recently died of breast cancer and dragonflies were her favorite symbol. So, my necklace especially caught her eye and brought her sister to mind.

When I delivered her necklace to her a few days later, she hugged me tight, looked toward the heavens and said she loved the necklace. She said her sister would've loved it too.

This is why I make jewelry!!